When we talk about customer journey automation from a marketing perspective, we’re really talking about three main stages:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead nurturing

The tools in this section are designed to make one or more of those steps work better without a human babysitter.

Customer journey automation tools are best suited to enterprise and B2B marketing and sales teams. They could help scale your operation if:

  • You’ve already mapped out the journey customers take from new lead to sale
  • Your marketing and sales teams work closely together to manage the customer journey
  • You’re using an account-based sales or ABM model

1. Leadfeeder

Pricing: Ranges from free to over $55 per month, based on features and the number of unique leads.

Companies and their employees visit your website, but those potential leads can vanish into the ether if they don’t fill out some kind of form while they’re there. That means your team could be missing out on tons of valuable potential leads who may be a great fit to become customers.

Leadfeeder helps you surface that information, by showing you all the companies that visit your website. You can create Custom Feeds to narrow that list down to your best fit leads, and have notifications of new leads automatically sent to email and Slack for the right team member.

2. Act-On

Pricing: Ranges from $900 – $2,000+ per month, based on features and number of users.

Act-On’s marketing automation software is designed for enterprise brands. The tool helps connect two important things:

  • Your marketing and sales teams
  • The breadcrumbs leads drop across the web

That means it’s easier to identify (and agree upon) the best leads to pursue—making Act-On a great option for large and B2B companies using an account-based marketing strategy.

3. LeadSquared

Pricing: Ranges from $150 – $2,500 per month, based on contacts and features.

LeadSquared is one customer journey automation tool that’s focused primarily on the lead nurturing phase of the process. The tool is designed to help move leads through the funnel faster, so you land more new customers in less time. You can set triggers, conditions, and actions to automate your drip marketing—so you never miss an opportunity to advance leads toward a purchase.

4. Infusionsoft by Keap

Pricing: One time fee of $499 – $1,999, plus $199 – $399 per month, based on features and contacts.

Now part of Keap, Infusionsoft is marketing automation software designed to streamline communication between your company and potential leads and customers. Infusionsoft’s solution is designed for small businesses, meaning they’ve made it easy to build emails, workflows, landing pages, and more from pre-built templates.