Whether you’re looking to keep your prices competitive as your competitors shift or optimize your pricing model from the top-down, pricing automation software makes it easier to react to competitive pricing changes and turn your pricing strategy into an advantage.

Pricing automation tools are generally designed with the eCommerce use-case in mind, and those are the companies who are most likely to benefit from one of these tools. If you’re working in eCommerce and selling competitive (and/or seasonal) products to a price conscious market, a pricing automation tool can be a good option.

1. Prisync

Pricing: Ranges from $59 – $229 per month, based on features and the number of products.

Prisync is pricing automation software designed for eCommerce. Since the eCommerce industry tends to harbor some of the most price-conscious consumers, it’s vital that brands can react to competitive pricing changes in a hurry. Prisync automates that process, so you’re always on top of competitor pricing and how it compares to yours.

2. Wiser

Pricing: Contact Wiser for pricing information.

Wiser offers one of the most comprehensive pricing strategy and automation tools on the market. The tool can help with everything from A/B testing your prices to estimating demand and helping you find the right sweet-spot to maximize your bottom line. As demand and other market forces change, Wiser does the heavy lifting so your pricing strategy always works—for you and your customers.

3. Informed

Pricing: Ranges from $129 – $319 per month, based on marketplaces, repricing strategies, support, and more.

Informed is a repricing automation tool for eCommerce businesses and online sellers. With support for 13 different marketplaces, their tool works no matter where you sell online. Informed’s approach to repricing is unique because the solution allows you to choose between creating your own repricing strategy or using their AI-powered suggestions.

4. Skuuudle

Pricing: Ranges from $89 – $999+ per month, based on analytics and other features.

Designed for brands with a large catalog of products, Skuuudle makes it effortless to monitor competitor pricing and match products at scale, so you never miss a sale because of price. Skuuudle is also one of few pricing automation tools that pulls data from both eCommerce marketplaces and direct sellers.