Social media automation tools encompass one of the broadest fields—with solutions designed to help automate various aspects of social media marketing, from content publishing, to monitoring, to analytics. As such, nearly any brand can benefit from a social media scheduling tool like Buffer. That said, you probably don’t need a full-fledged social media automation tool unless:
  • More than one person is publishing under your brand’s social media accounts
  • Your brand is active on multiple social networks
  • You’re using social media for multiple purposes, like paid advertising or providing customer support

1. Hootsuite

Pricing: Ranges from $29 – $599+ per month, based on social profiles, users, and more.

Hootsuite is one of the most comprehensive and full-featured social media automation tools. With features to help you schedule content, curate from a pre-approved library, and monitor conversations about your brand and industry, Hootsuite has everything you need to create a social media presence that makes a difference for your brand.

2. Buffer

Pricing: Ranges from $15 – $99 per month, based on the number of social accounts, users, and posts.

Originally a social media content scheduling tool, Buffer has grown to reflect the way today’s brands really use social. The tool still makes it easy to schedule and curate content, but additional ‘Reply’ and ‘Analyze’ solutions help connect social media with all the other teams they need to work with in modern organizations.

3. CoSchedule

Pricing: Ranges from $80 – $400+ per month, based on the number of social profiles, users, and features.

CoSchedule’s automation tool offers one of the best solutions for planning and strategizing social media content in advance. By mapping out all of your content, including what you’ll say and when, it’s easy to get a bird’s eye view of your end-to-end social production. Plus, analytics and CoSchedule’s suggestions make it clear what resonates, so you can reuse and create more content like it.

4. Sprout Social

Pricing: Ranges from $99 – $249 per user/ per month, based on features and number of social profiles.

Sprout Social has one of the widest feature sets among the social automation tools on our list—with individually tailored solutions for everything from social management and marketing to customer care, employee advocacy, and data and intelligence. The publishing wing of Sprout Social’s solution is great for teams, too, making it easy to collaborate on both strategy and execution.

5. Mention

Pricing: Ranges from free to over $600 per month, based on the scale of your social listening operation.

Leaning hard into the social listening aspect of social media marketing, Mention enables brands to track mentions across the digital media landscape. You can keep track of how your campaigns spur conversations throughout the web—not just on social media. Plus, Mention makes it easy to automatically track competitors and industry trends, too.