Loyalty and referral marketing are one aspect of marketing often left out of the conversation around marketing automation. But they both capitalize on the most powerful marketing tool—word of mouth.

An automated loyalty or referral program could be a good fit for your business if:

  • You’ve seen demonstrated results from word of mouth already

  • Your products don’t require extensive research or negotiation to arrive at a buying decision

  • Your industry’s average customer lifetime value is high enough that the upfront investment makes sense

If so, these tools will help you spur and take advantage of buzz, taking your referral and loyalty programs to new heights.

1. Referral Rock

Pricing: Ranges from $200 – $800 per month, based on number of members, programs, and more.

Referrals are powerful—but you have to be proactive about encouraging and capitalizing on them. Referral Rock makes it easy to set up the right type of referral program for your business—from refer-a-friend, to influencer marketing, to business partner programs—so you can set it up once and let the referrals roll in on auto-pilot.

2. TapMango

Pricing: Contact TapMango for pricing information.

TapMango’s customer loyalty automation platform takes the punch card of old and modernizes it for today’s customers. With flexible reward structures, tons of options for promotions, and a branded mobile app available, TapMango makes it easy on both you and your customers to inspire and reward loyalty and referrals.

3. Ambassador

Pricing: Contact Ambassador for pricing information.

Ambassador makes it easy to build a powerful army of brand ambassadors. From hand-selecting the customers you want to mobilize, to automating and testing reward incentives to find the right mix, Ambassador puts brand advocacy on auto-pilot. The platform offers tons of integrations and pre-built templates, so marketers can get their program off the ground in a jiffy.

4. Clutch

Pricing: Contact Clutch for pricing information.

Clutch’s unique approach to loyalty marketing emphasizes building a deeper understanding of what drives loyalty for your unique customers. Their integrated platform makes it easy to attribute loyalty and sales from any channel, and the flexible rewards help you appeal to any and every type of customer and their motivations.

5. Belly by Mobivity

Pricing: Ranges from $129 – $179+ per month, based on features, email campaigns, and more.

Now part of Mobivity, Belly helps you reward and encourage both loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing by incentivizing both purchases and digital promotion—like online reviews. Belly’s tool even helps bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar sales and digital loyalty with a point-of-sale iPad display.