With everything that goes into creating and optimizing digital ads these days, most marketers need a helping hand. From building ad creative across ad channels to optimizing bidding strategies, advertising automation tools are one of the best ways to scale a digital ad effort.

Similar to the all-on-one tools, you really don’t need advertising automation until:

  • You’ve seen traction on more than one advertising platform (i.e. Facebook and Twitter or Google AdWords and Instagram)

  • You’re looking to refine ad creative and bidding strategies, instead of heavily testing

  • You want to advertise to hyper-targeted segments, like remarketed audiences

1. AdRoll

Pricing: Pricing based on CPM—contact AdRoll for more specific pricing information.

AdRoll is probably one of the best known digital advertising automation tools, and for good reason. Their software makes it easy to run ads across every channel from display and social, to email. On top of that, AdRoll offers retargeting campaigns that pack a serious punch, so you can stay top of mind with new prospects and re-engage inactive customers.

2. Metadata.io

Pricing: Ranges from $1,000 – $5,000+ per month, based on monthly ad spend, channels, and more.

Metadata.io is one of the only tools on the market that enables B2B marketers to run account-based ads. Using AI and multivariate testing, Metadata.io identify the most effective combination of ad creative, copy, and placement to get the best results for your ad budget.

3. Zalster

Pricing: starts at 39/month. The monthly fee is based on _monthly Facebook ad spend_ and the average price is usually around 2%. Zalster provides a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

Zalster is an advertising automation tool that handles Facebook and Instagram ads. Besides the automations and optimizations for Facebook and Instagram Ads that users set up in their campaign manager; Zalster offers more features when it comes to reporting, auto boosting of posts and creative tools. All to simplify the everyday work load for marketers.

4. Revealbot

Pricing: Ranges from $49 – $2,999 per month, based on monthly ad spend.

Similar to Zalster, Revealbot focuses on two ad platforms exclusively: Facebook and Google. The automation tool is focused on providing in-depth ad campaign analytics, so you can effortlessly find the most effective campaigns and double-down on them. You can create rules to automatically optimize campaigns and even get full campaign reports via their Slack bot, Emma.

5. Trapica

Pricing: Contact Trapica for pricing information.

Focused on social media ads, Trapica aims to use AI to help you find the best, most targeted audience to spend your ad budget on. Their algorithms offers a deeper look at who your audience really is and robust targeting features help you reach that audience at just the right time to spur a purchase.

6. Shoelace

Pricing: Ranges from $79 – $1,500+ per month, based on features.

Shoelace focuses on what they call “customer journey retargeting.” By showing the right ads to the right customer, at just the right time, Shoelace makes it easier to use ads throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey—continuously nurturing and pushing leads toward a sale. Their software offers segmentation that enables hyper-targeted ads and sequences that prevent ad fatigue.