An optimized landing page and/or website is critical from both a Google algorithm perspective (SEO) and a human conversion one. Google takes note of your bounce rate and some SEO specialists think it plays an important factor in how your website is ranked organically.

A properly dialed-in landing page or website is also essential for increasing conversions. Something as simple as changing the color of a button can lead to a noticeable increase in conversions.

1. Hotjar

Pricing: Plans starting at $89/month.

Hotjar gives you the ability to perform in-depth A/B tests on any page of your website. You can also create heatmaps, perform live visitor recordings (to get insights on why a particular page in the funnel has such a high bounce rate), create conversion funnels, perform form analysis, run feedback polls, and launch surveys.

2. Optimizely

Pricing: Plans starting at $89/month.

Optimizely is another A/B testing program that focuses on uncovering hidden customer insights and improving the UX of any website. The real benefit of Optimizely is that no coding knowledge is required to create and perform real-time A/B experiments. Its website even has a free educational section that has documentation and courses on how to perform experiments for best results.

3. Beaver Builder

Pricing: Plans starting at $99/month.

Is your website one of the 75,000,000 sites on the internet that run WordPress as their primary content management system? Beaver Builder offers an intuitive drag-and-drop system so you can create beautiful WordPress websites without having to hire a website coder.

Another benefit to Beaver Builder is that it’s built with on-site SEO in mind. Clean code makes it easy for the search engine bots to crawl your Beaver Builder website.

4. Unbounce

Pricing: Plans starting at $79/month.

Running paid ads to a landing page without first optimizing said landing page is like throwing money into a fire. Unbounce focuses on landing page, pop-up, and sticky bar optimization.

The tool is user-friendly, and no coding knowledge is required to set up and run A/B tests. A robust set of built-in conversion tools ensures that your landing page will convert better than it did before.

5. VWO – Visual Website Optimizer

Pricing: Plans starting at $299/month.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is another all-in-one conversion optimization tool. It features heatmaps, live user video recording, conversion optimization tools, and robust reporting.

The user recording feature is especially helpful for determining the cause of high bounce rates on a landing page. It allows you to view your visitors’ actions in a real-time recorded video.