Inbound marketing is a lot of work. Unless you have a dedicated team with specific job roles, it can seem overwhelming for the average person. Using tools for productivity and connectivity will decrease your workload.

1. Zapier

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans starting at $20/month.

Having an efficient workflow is essential to getting more done. Zapier allows you to create more functionality by connecting two different web services. For example, you can use Zapier to trigger when a lead matching your criteria visits your website again.

2. Slack

Pricing: Free to try; paid plans starting at $6.67/month per person.

Whether it’s used as an internal or external communication platform, Slack is one of the most powerful chat applications out there. It can even be connected to CRM products such as Salesforce.

3. GrowthHub

Pricing: Free.

Marketing evolves at the speed of light and there’s no better way to stay on top of the latest and greatest than GrowthHub (formerly known as Inbound.org). It curates popular content across many different industries such as growth hacking, SEO, and content marketing.

4. Speechpad

Pricing: Transcription starts at $1 per minute.

Speechpad is much more than a transcription service. It can be used to create content from videos that can be repurposed via email or other marketing campaigns. A wide range of transcription services are offered including standard and premium captions as well as foreign language services.