The tools listed in this category can help you drive organic traffic to your website, uncover competitive intelligence, and manage ad retargeting efforts.

1. Ahrefs

Pricing: Plans starting at $99/month.

One of the best ways to increase the inbound traffic to your website is to start optimizing for SEO. By using such tools as Ahrefs, you can find hidden business and linking opportunities. You can also perform an analysis on the backlinks coming into your competitor’s website and get an idea of what it’s going to take to outrank them.

2. SEMRush

Pricing: Plans starting at $99/month.

SEMrush allows you to view backlinks, track keyword rankings, and view historical data that they’ve collected over the years. One of the more powerful features is the ability to view new backlinks. This can give you a clue as to how your organic SEO efforts are faring.

3. Moz

Pricing: Free 30-day trial, with plans starting at $199/month.

The Link Explorer tool from Moz SEO gives you the ability to view current and new inbound links, see which ones have dropped off, and create an organic SEO gameplan. Moz SEO offers a 30-day free trial that automatically converts to the lowest plan at $199/month once it’s over.

4. Majestic

Pricing: Plans starting at $49.99/month.

Majestic SEO claims to have the largest link index database. This means a bigger data set to pull from and a more accurate picture of your backlinks. Knowing the strength or weakness of your backlink profile can help you get an idea on how well your SEO efforts are taking hold.

One of the best features about Majestic is their Trust and Citation Flow metrics which can be used to gauge the power of a website when you’re actively trying to build new inbound links into yours. It will show you if the website that you’re trying to get to link back to you is worth your time and effort.

You also can view the overall health of your backlink profile and see where you might need to build more links. This can help you come up with a link building gameplan.

5. Rebrandly

Pricing: Free with plans starting at $29/month.

Giving out links to a particular page on your website can result in a very long and unsightly URL. Rebrandly fixes that problem by giving you a personalized URL shortener that uses your brand name. End result is a much shorter, “prettier” link that not only looks good, but is easy to remember.

6. AdRoll

Pricing: Pricing is based on ad spend.

AdRoll simplifies retargeting and gives you a powerful suite of tools and services to make sure you’re getting the right ad in front of the right person. While AdRoll is targeted for eCommerce stores, it can be used by any business, in any industry.

7. Google Analytics

Pricing: Free.

Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most widely used website analytics platforms out there. When used in conjunction with countless other SaaS products, you can find hidden data and gems that can help guide you to make more intelligent business decisions.

8. Facebook Groups

Pricing: Free.

Creating a community and nurturing leads via curated content is a great way to jumpstart your inbound marketing. Facebook Groups gives you a platform and set of tools to do just that. Pricing is free, and Facebook is currently testing “subscription groups” wherein the Admin can charge a set monthly fee for admission.